Our Goal is Simple.

At Penven-Crew Photography, we want to help you remember the little things in life. Our clients are much more than just customers to us – they’re family. We get a kick out of seeing your kids grow up and your family bloom. We’re not just photographers, we’re your partners in this fun, crazy journey called life!

Family Storytelling Sessions

experience the heartwarming magic of our

These sessions transport you into a world of warmth and togetherness, where genuine smiles and laughter create timeless memories. Our sessions focus on more than just photographs; they freeze those real, beautiful moments that define your unique story. Whether in the comfort of your everyday life or in a special setting, we go beyond the obvious. Our skilled photographers will catch those precious smiles, heartfelt hugs, and shared adventures.

Our mission is to document these cherished moments, ensuring that when your children have grown, are getting married, or starting families of their own, you can look back on the precious times when they were small. We immortalize the subtle details parents often forget — the crinkle of a child's nose, their infectious laughter, or the way they twirl their hair.

Imagine basking in the soft, golden-hour light, and capturing the joy of your family as it is in this present, but fleeting moment. Join us in preserving the heartbeat of your family's life for years to come!

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Generations Session

invite the whole family to a

Step into a world where warmth and togetherness reign supreme, where every grin and chuckle becomes an everlasting memory. Our generations sessions are more than just snapshots of your extended family; they encapsulate the authentic moments that sometimes occur only once-in-a-lifetime.

Our adept photographers seize those priceless smiles, heartfelt embraces, and shared moments, ensuring that multi-generational memories are eternally preserved. We're not just content with surface-level shots; we go beyond the ordinary to capture the core of your family's connection.

 Let us help you create a visual record of your family's history, from extended family reunions to the smallest, everday moments, so that generations to come can relish the treasure trove of shared experiences.

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Milestones Sessions

capturing life's treasured moments

In the blink of an eye, the precious moments of life pass by all too swiftly. That's where our "Milestone Sessions" come into play! From birthdays to maternity sessions, senior photos to engagements, we're here to help you document your journey as you pass through life's significant landmarks.

These sessions are thoughtfully crafted to celebrate the beauty of life's most meaningful moments. Each photograph is a keepsake, a visual testimony to your personal journey, preserving the magic and emotions of these pivotal moments forever.

As children grow up at lightning speed, and life's milestones come and go, "Milestone Sessions" allow you to pause and relish the present while creating a lasting legacy for the future. We invite you to commemorate these cherished occasions with us, ensuring that the significance and splendor of these milestones are captured with the utmost care and artistry. Let us be a part of your story as we preserve your treasured moments, one photograph at a time.

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Newborn Sessions

Capturing the beauty of precious beginnings

Newborns grace our lives with their tiny presence for only the briefest of moments. Those delicate hands, miniature toes, adorable ears, tiny mouths, and even their belly buttons are fleeting details that deserve to be treasured forever. We invite you to embark on a tender and heartwarming journey at our newborn photography sessions.

Picture a tranquil space adorned with soft blankets, the soothing strains of lullabies, and the sweet, comforting scent of baby lotion. Here, every click of the camera is a gentle act of preserving the purest expressions of your newest family member. Wrapped in the warmth of love and care, our skilled photographers work their magic to create portraits that whisper the story of their very first days in this world.

Our newborn sessions are not just about capturing images; they are about encapsulating the essence of this precious chapter in your family's life. Whether it's the tiny fingers of a newborn grasping your own or the touching moments when siblings shower their new best friend with love, our goal is to document the emotions, connections, and details that make this time so special. Join us in celebrating the beauty of these precious beginnings and ensure that these cherished memories are forever etched in the tapestry of your family's history.

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Mini Sessions

heartwarming moments in miniature

Sometimes, you don't need a full-scale photo shoot to capture the essence of a moment. Enter our "Petite Sessions" – the perfect solution for those looking to seize a few standout images in a swift and heartwarming manner. Imagine a brief, focused session filled with genuine smiles and connections, akin to a mini-adventure where every snapshot tells a meaningful story.

Whether you're seeking the ideal shot for your Christmas card, capturing the vibrancy of different seasons with our seasonal minis (spring, summer, fall, or holiday themes), or simply looking for a quick update for your family photos, our Petite Sessions offer a convenient and cost-effective option. These bite-sized moments are designed to encapsulate your unique personality and charm while providing you with a memorable collection of images that speak volumes, all without the commitment of a full session.

Join us for a petite-sized photo experience that's big on heart and charm.

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Meet Jessica

Silver Linings Doula Services

As a dedicated mom to a lively toddler and an inquisitive preschooler, both growing up at lightning speed, Jessica knows firsthand how swiftly these precious moments pass by.  Over time, she has learned the significance of freezing these fleeting moments with photography.

Jessica is not your typical photographer; she's an outgoing and wonderfully awkward soul who thrives on making people laugh with her playful jests and silly antics. Her mission is to transform your photo session into a fun and memorable experience, one that goes beyond mere photos and creates lasting memories. In addition to her photography passion, Jessica dedicates part of her time to being a postpartum doula, offering valuable support and guidance to new mothers during this incredible phase of life.

Learn More About Jessica

We're more than just photographers. We're memory-makers, because we know just how fast life moves when you're watching your kids grow. One day they're crawling, the next they're graduating – and you don't want to miss a single moment. To us, our clients are like family, and there's nothing we enjoy more than watching your little ones grow up and your family expand. 

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